For Hotels, we propose an app or website with the following features

  1. Information about the Hotel.
  2. Online bookings with Online Check-in and check-out
  3. Analysis and automated statistics
  4. Online Payments
  5. Blog to feature ongoing, previous and future activities.
  6. Admin panel and dashboard for Admin.
  7. Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Market-Leading Integrations and Access to Third-party Services
  9. Chat Box, chat room and live support.
  10. Custom Emails.
  11. Click to call.
  12. User-Friendly Design.
  13. Customizable and Intuitive.
  14. Easy Communication and Collaboration and personalized content.


  1. Social media Pages: We will create and link your social media pages to your website which will increase exposure.
  2. Creative Writing: If allowed, our team of writers can help in writing, editing and posting blog posts on behalf of the Hotel.

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