For schools/institutions, we create software solutions which may include mobile apps, websites and portals.

The software can give basic information about the institution, act as a school management system, a registration portal for staffs and students etc

Below are a few of the features of the solutions we create for schools.

  1. Information about the Institution
  2. Online Exam Practice
  3. e Learning Portal
  4. Assignment and Test portal
  5. Blog to feature ongoing, previous and future activities.
  6. Admin panel and dashboard for Admin.
  7. Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Market-Leading Integrations and Access to Third-party Services
  9. Chat Box, chat room and live support.
  10. Custom Emails.
  11. Click to call.
  12. User-Friendly Design.
  13. Customizable and Intuitive.
  14. Easy Communication and Collaboration and personalized content

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