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At Slazor Limited, one of our goals is power management and improving security. We love it when our customer’s heart is at rest when they leave the house. After running a survey, we realized that most people forget to switch off or switch on important devices when they leave their houses. The effect of this is tragic. According to our survey, most houses use a 70 percent extra energy that could have been saved or manged properly. What if you could use your mobile device to control all electronic components in your house. From the television set to the pumping machine and the bulbs. Everything can be controlled from your comfort zone. Energy can be conserved and utilized whenever you want to. Let us explain how it works.

How it works

  • Energy conservation: Each customer will have their house surveyed by our security department. A 3D computerised model will be designed. The design gives a clear picture of each side of the house. There is also a top projection without the roofing sheet. The model is then infused into the Mobile App. When power is off or restored, the app alerts you and using a special sensor, at a glance every house owner can look into the layout of their houses and sees the appliances that are on and off. There are several buttons on the App that lets you carry out operations. Operations like switching of the television and other electronic devices, the pumping machine, the bulbs etc. The App also provides statistical analysis on the energy consumption in a home.
  • Security: We also have the option of adding real time video cameras at strategic locations in the compound. Every activity that goes on in the compound can be viewed and will be automatically recorded and saved on the clouds for future references.